What do Charlie Sheen and the Las Vegas real estate market have in common?

Hey! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. You’re probably caught the headline there: Why is Charlie Sheen like the Las Vegas Real Estate Market? And the answer is because they’ve both hit rock bottom. You probably know a few years ago, Charlie Sheen got a TV show deal, $1.8 million per episode, a little bit more than I’m getting for each episode of Todd Miller TV. And of course, what happened recently is his sort of, his career has hit the toilet at least as far as personal branding has gone, and how that relates to Las Vegas Real Estate market is you know, we’re at rock bottom here. It’s funny ’cause I just get off a phone call with somebody who’s calling from New York City saying They wanna come to town and buy a house, they’re looking in the 30 to $50,000 price range to buy a house and I thought, okay! I think you can find a house for 30 to $50,000 obviously something that you want in a rent so, Anyway I thought that was interesting comparison about Charlie Sheen and Las Vegas Real Estate. The cool thing is thought because we’re at the bottom there’s a ton of opportunity. What’s really surprise me is that Hedge funds and Institutional Investors haven’t come in with a ridiculous amount of money. Some of these 30 to $50,000 houses sold for over $200,000 a few years ago. Rents haven’t gotten down that much. You know with 6 or $700 a month rent, for something you paid $50,000 for, that’s way better than a 10% return. You’re not gonna get that in stock market. And being here to get that is pretty safe return and everything. So, anyway, that was my quick update for today, and I hope that you tune to other episodes, you visit ToddMillerTV.com , you add me to your RSS feed, if you wanna follow me on Twitter you can just follow me at LasVegasTodd. That’s my update for today. Thanks a lot! Bye.