Trustee sale – Las Vegas

Las Vegas real estate agent Todd Miller shows the daily trustee sale of foreclosed homes. Investors anxiously await the bid of each property and aggressively attempt to outbid each other. Las Vegas property foreclosures are the hottest gambles in town.

Las Vegas Real Estate Upate Trustee sale 01_05_2010

Hey, Todd Miller here at the Trustee Sale. Right now, they’re doing the bidding and we’re going to take a look and see how things are going.

When she says, back to beneficiary, what that means it went back to the bank so the bank got it back. No one wanted to bid that high to get it.

There are some deals here, if you look right over there at that building, that’s Newport Lofts, 200 East Hoover. Somebody just got a unit up in there on the 19th floor for a $150,000. Definitely some deals.

I’m going to get back to the bidding and I’ll keep you updated.