Trustee sale client testimonial

Todd: Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’m joined here with a client who is/just had a successful purchase. (We have a phone going off in the room). Just went through the Trustee Sale process with us. This is Steve. First of all Steve, Thanks a lot for being on Video.
Steve: Thanks Todd!
Todd: So, Tell everybody, you know, what your experience was, how it went, and what kind of/sort of deal you thought you got on your properties that you bought.

Steve: Okay, this is actually the second property that Todd has assisted me through the Trustee Sale process. My first was a unit that I actually live in, that unfortunately I was paying rent and was foreclosed on. And I was in somewhat of a panic situation, Todd guided me to deal with the fact that it was going up for a Trustee Sale about six months ago. And maybe the possibility is, I might wanna buy it. So, basically he provided me all the knowledge and actually had someone there to represent me and it went smooth as could be asked. I got it in a very fair price. I now own it, And don’t have to worry about anymore problems with my paying rent or anything like that. So then another unit came up on the same floor six months later, and that was just a few days ago. And, we thought it would be perfect for my girlfriend’s mother. And once again I saw Todd. And once again
it was offered at a Trustee Sale, And it went/with us possible. I just can’t say enough about how professional, honest, and what a great deal we got. I’m a huge fan! And I’m sure if there’s any other units to come available, if I think there might be a possibility of our interest, I would definitely see Todd to help us through that.
Todd: I appreciate that. So Rich is here, we’re gonna be talking with Rich. ‘Cause he’s also part of the Team. Doing all the hard work at the Trustee Sale which is really, I think the hardest part. So, the first unit you got, you got that for what? One Fiftyifty-ish?
Steve: One Fifty five.
Todd: And what’s that unit worth? What do we figure it was worth? One Seventy five?
Steve: Yeah, atleast Twenty Thousand more.
Todd: So we got basically a Twenty thousand dollar equity position, now that and then the last one you bought for a lot less, it was One…
Steve: It was just over One-Fourteen.
Todd” One-Fourteen, and what do we think that one is worth?
Rich(Third Voice): One-Forty five, One-Fifty perhaps..
Todd: Okay. So basically, Twenty to Thirty thousand dollars expect we win each one?
Steve: uh-hmm!
Todd: Pretty nice?
Steve: Very nice!
Todd! Good! Alright! Well that was it!
Steve: Okay! Thanks!
Todd: So anyway, that was just/ I just wanted to share this with you and wanted to thank Steve for being patient and going through the process with us and in the end it works out. You did make money form it, and that’s it.
Steve: Very happy!
Todd: Great! So that’s the update for today. I’m gonna be shooting some more videos with Rich and we’re gonna be talking about some specific strategies, tactics and way to really, you know, kill it down there at the Trustees Sale and make some money. So if you wanna subscribe, go ahead. There’s an e-mail link, you can out your e-mail in there, every time I do a video it’ll come out. Or you can just subscribe to my Youtube channel. That’s the update today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!