Trashed foreclosure house in Vegas

Trashed foreclosure in VegasHey welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’m out here at a lock change. It is a house. It is vacant and we have a little bit of drama this morning. I’m going to show you the house real quick. That is the house. You can see there is like cars parked out front. There is car parked in the driveway. That is my truck, but this car is parked here.See how these cars, the lock smith does not want to change the locks because of the car parked in the driveway thinking somebody lives there but if you look down there, if you look down the street there is no cars parked and there is a little roping up the street. They have had the street paved so all the neighbors that live way down there at the other end have all parked up here so that is why there are so many parked in the driveway but actually we are going to go in this house here.Male: There is a swimming pool in the back?Todd: Yeah. It doesn’t have any water in it.Male: The swimming pool?Todd: Yeah.Male: Okay.Todd: That is the house next door. Look at here. You got a lot of that. That is just destroyed. This place is a mess. What do they got in here? Some food. This has been winterized. There is a pool outside and it is empty.This place is a mess. Look at that, haha. Okay. Oh look at this, they took the sinks. Let me look at the pool down there. Well this is the house. It is trashed. It is going to take a lot of work get up to speed but let’s just hope that he goes and puts a lock box on it and secures the house. You know we see this a lot, it is very common; people want to leave notes for the bank and trash the house when they leave and you know it is sad.The interesting thing though is the legislates right now is working on a bill that would make it a class D felony for somebody to do this to a house when they leave if they intentionally damage the house knowing it has been in a process of being foreclosed so anyway I just wanted you to see what happens in the morning when I go to these houses and to meet the guys to have them rekid kind of what they look like on the inside.So that is my update for today and when it comes on the market we will let you know. Thanks.