Top 7 Mistakes Agents Make Using Video (Social Media)

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. I wanted to do an update, a little off topic. Not specifically to talk about Real Estate but a little about Social Media. I have noticed a lot of Real Estate Agents are now realizing that video is a tool they can use. They sort of all jumping in to this area. And i watched a lot of videos just to see what they’re doing. And I’m really shocked at how poorly I think people are using Social Media, especially Real Estate Agents. So I just wanna go through, these are like my Top 7 Mistakes. Things you should avoid:
Number 1. Not doing enough regular videos. So with somebody a few months ago, they cranked out like 30 videos in a week. They just cranked these things out and they just put them all out at once. What’s great but, there were no videos done before that there’ve been no video done since. So its like “So what?” it’s like if you don’t have something to follow, if they’re not regular then you’ll never create a following which is the whole idea so it just doesn’t make sense. The other thing that I wrote down was repeating the same message. So if you don’t have a message, you shouldn’t be on video. if you can’t communicate something reasonable or talk about something that happened, you know, or go to a unique house or do something different everyday, then you shouldn’t a video. But I just see these people/somebody recently, same thing. Very recent. Cranking out videos but they’re all boring, the same boring thing over and over, like I saw that video already. But it’s was just a different day and you’re wearing a different, you know, thing on. So if you have anything interesting to say, the you shouldn’t do a video. Okay, Boring topics. You know, If it’s not something people wanna hear don’t talk about it. Just find something interesting. Too Staged. I saw a video recently, it looked pretty, but it was clearly staged. You know, in a suit, with a fancy backdrop, it was just, you know I’ve seen other videos where there are people like sitting on a table making it look like a new show. Where they’re like interviewing and stuff. That’s all staged. That’s the stuff you see on the news. People don’t buy it. That’s not what this is about. We live in a reality show world. If you’re staging your videos then, that’s, it’s not authentic. I don’t like it. Over Produced. You know, it got the 15 second intro, it costs maybe a thousand buck, it’s really fancy, and then through out the video you have stuff on the bottom, stuff on the sides, you know stuff on the top, word flashing on the thing, you know it looks like, you know, it took hours to produce or something. That’s, I don’t think people go for that. It looked pretty, but I think people realized that they’re fake. So, that’s just my thought on that. Reading a Script. like if you’re using a teleprompter, and I know some people have gone out and done this, they’re reading a script and you can see their eyes going back and forth as they talk and you can hear the tone of their voice is very fake. Then, I just think that’s wrong. That’s not what this is about. That’s not what social media is about. Anyway, trying to advertise like on TV. So it’s the “Hi I’m Todd Miller, we do short sales. Last year we did a 135 short sales. We can get your short sale done. Just call us now at this number.” You know, I think that’s a little too fake and I don’t think people don’t want to be advertised to. And you know, I don’t think, I honestly know if anybody has ever gotten anything from something like that so, specially not within social media. I think it’s different if you’re broadcasting on TV. But you know, TV’s died. People aren’t watching TV. I don’t watch TV. I don’t think the average person sits in front of a TV. A recent thing showed that people used to write 10 things they couldn’t live without, right? This year was the first year ever, TV didn’t show up on that top 10 list. TV was on every other year. It’s not on there anymore. I mean, there are more people who can’t live without their iPhone, and their iPad, then without their computer, and other things, than without their TV set. I mean, more people put Facebook account than their TVs. So, it just goes to show you, TV is dying, don’t try to copy it and take that on to YouTube. I don’t think it’s the same way. Anyway, I just wanted to sort of put that message out there. My guess is that, most of you making these are not gonna watch this video anyway ’cause you’re not paying attention to what other people are doing. You just dubbed 2 or 3 videos and then you’re gonna be done. My prediction is, it’s only 1 in 10 people that start doing video are gonna do them in regular basis, they’ll do anything meaningful. Most people do 3 videos and they say “Oh, that’s it! ain’t gonna work, it’s a waste of time” and they stop doing them anyway. So, but I just wanted to sort of express my thought. Tell you what I think about this great tool we have. How I personally use it in my business. How I used it to communicate to my client, everybody out there who watches it, and I’m gonna keep doing it. If you see me doing something, and you think that’s wrong or you say “Hey, I don’t like that” Just make a note and tell me, I totally get it and, Anyway, that was my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!