Tenant Rental Scam – Beware

Hello. Welcome to Todd Miller TV super quick update today on a rental scam that has been happening around the country, but it is happening here in Las Vegas. I want to tell you what the scam is and how to avoid it. What somebody will do is somebody who doesn’t own a home will put a post in Craigs List saying I have a house for rent. They will meet you at the house so even provide access to the house and have you sign a lease.It will take all your deposits and your rent and they will let you move in to the house and of course they don’t own the house. They are just taking their rent in the security deposit which will never get back and you may end up even making rent payments to them for a while and before this is figured out, but most of the time they just make the first two payments and they would disappear, you will never see them again.And then what happens is you see either a vacant home or a home that has already been foreclosed so here are some ways to avoid that. First of all, deal with a real estate agent. A real estate agent can help you with any finding a rental at no cost to you because the seller is going to pay that agent a commission basically two or 300 bucks for bringing you so what you should do is got to a real estate office and meet with a real estate agent then you will know you are not being scammed.They will only show you things that are legitimately for rent either through the MLS or through other resources they have and if you have a question on any house you can always go to a real estate agent and say, “Hey there is this house I’m thinking about renting can you help me do some research.” One thing you would want to know is it getting ready to be foreclosed because if you do move into a house there are people who will rent their house a month before it gets foreclosed.So you move in, you pay a straight deposit and then they will knock on your door and say it has been foreclosed you have to move out. The best way to fix all that Craig’s List is great but go meet an agent, go meet the agent at their office so you can know it is a legitimate agent and not just somebody who claims to be an agent that is the best way to keep yourself from being scammed in that situation. I just wanted to give you that quick update and I hope to see you on another video. Thanks.