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What you need to know before you bid over list price. Episode #199

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. There’s a popular strategy going

Trustee sale profit numbers

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. We did a Trustee Sale

Condo for $30,000

Another bargain in the Las Vegas real estate market. Tweet

Todd asks for feedback on video blog

Please watch this and give me feedback as to what kind

Buyer Broker Agreements

Todd explains buyer broker agreements and how to use them. Tweet

How to steal a house with a killer loan

Most people haven’t heard of this loan product, but if you

Why your real estate agent won’t call you back.

If you’ve ever been blown off by a real estate agent,

Are prices falling?

An update to the Las Vegas real estate market. Tweet

Foreclosed house in Henderson – Great bargain

This is a house that is vacant and ready to go. 

Condo near Green Valley Hotel/Casino and The District

This condo is near Green Valley Ranch casino and the district. 

Super nice condo for sale in Henderson

This condo is a smoking deal.  Monthly payment with FHA probably

New REO assignment

A tour of a new REO assignment.  This is typical for