Something Fun and Different

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. I wanted to do something a little fun and a little different today. As you’re probably aware, you might have found this site from going to Google, typing in some phrase and you ran in to my site and everytime somebody types something into Google, and then they click on my Link to my page; I get to find out what words they typed-in. So sometimes it’s entertaining and as I go through and read like what things they typed in it came to my sight so, ’cause sometimes there were like questions, ’cause that what people are using Google or other search engines for. So what I wanna do is go through some things that people have typed in and answer those questions. “Cause I don’t get a lot of people who like just to “Hey I have a question” So, I’m gonna go through some of the things that I thought were pretty fun. One of them is, “Cash for Keys, how much ca i get?” I did a whole video on that, you ca click on the video and watch it. But it’s interesting that a lot of people are like wondering like “what can I get?” ’cause they’re thinking about. They’re either, someone knocked on their door and they got told they can get $2,000 which is in our market, Fannie Mae offer and that’s it. Some banks will offer more, some offer less. So, I thought that was interesting one. Seen that a couple times. Last probably week or two I’ve seen that a few times. Depression Millionaires. I did a whole Blog post on that too. More millionaires made during the great depression in Real Estate than any other time ever in history. There were more millionaires created because of Real Estate. So we’re kinda saying that, not just quite just as bad but there’s gonna be a lot of millionaires made over the next 10 years from Real Estate I think. Did a video on that. Here’s a fun one, Real Estate agents batch numbers on Zillow. Well, the Real Estate agents didn’t batch number on Zillow, Zillow did that themselves. You know, their whatever estimate they come up with, Real Estate agents didn’t do that, it wasn’t them,okay? Trust me. We don’t have any input in Zillow, my Listings aren on Zillow, I don’t get to pick the Zestinate on it, okay? My List prices aren’t there but the Zestimates you know, substantially different. In some cases it is. Some cases it’s pretty good. Some it’s not. So, here’s another one, How is the KLU KLUX Klan like a group of Real Estate agents? I’ve done a couple videos on that. That came from a book called “Freakonomiks” and it dealt with code words. And the author’s determined that we use code words in Real Estate because we’re transmitting secret information to other agents and the “KKK” did that. They used to put out information that had code words in there that meant certain things. So the authors of the book were saying that these little houses that were dumps and they say they were charming houses and they came to the conclusion that the Secret Real Estate Language that we use to communicate secret words to other agents about the owners, and about the what they’ll take, how much you know, and all that stuff, That’s nonsense! There isn’t any. Apparently they didn’t talk to any Real Estate agents before they put that out there. That’s called Puffing. You know, if the house is nothing good about it, we have to say something nice, it’s you know, anyway, it’s called Puffing, it’s not secret words. It’s just we make up word that are not/we don’t mislead. But we say “hey, it’s a cute, It’s charming!” you know, or whatever. Has tons of potential, okay? Let’s see, here’s another one. REO Bank won’t pay transfer tax. Well there are some banks that won’t pay any of the fees. You have to put all that on the buyer’s side and then they’ll give you contribution for closing costs in that case. But there’s the bank’s further charter they cannot pay the transfer tax. They can’t pay any transfer taxes, Fannie and Freddie have some specific rules about that. Some banks will/some banks will put/They’ll credit you that amount. So when you right the offer and you ask them to do that, they’re gonna minus that out. Say “No” they can’t. And then they’ll credit you the amount back potentially. Here’s another Fun one, Can I sell my house for Zillow Estimate?” Yes you can! In some cases, you get a ton more money than your house is worth because it’s estimating your house high. And in some cases, you will loose money because you’ll be selling the house for less than the market value. And some cases you’ll sell it right for the market value. So, there’s no right or wrong answer for what’s gonna happen on there with Zillow. That kinda went over to the other one. So, those were just some of the ones that came up over the last week that I saw and I thought were fun, I thought I would answer those with my camera. What’s kinda cool about this site if you’re looking at this not on YouTube and on Todd Miller TV, up in the upper right hand corner, there’s a little block that search. If you type in anything in there, like “homepath”, It will take you to any blog post that contains homepath on this site. So you can select search, so if you wanna search for any of these like “KKK”, you can put that in there and/or Zillow, you can see what I talked about Zillow and all that. So Anyway, that was my update I just thought I’d do something fun and interesting today. It’s December 1st and it’s freezing outside, it was snowing very lightly this morning when I left the house, it’s in the 30’s today, So it was kinda chilly but, anyway that’s the update and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!