Should you keep paying rent if your landlord isn’t paying the mortgage?

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. I want to do a quick update today with some advice. I get this question a lot, and the scenario is this: You’re a Tenant and your Landlord is being foreclosed. And the reason you know this is because you’re getting the notices that are being posted on the house you live in that you rent. on your garage or your front door. They’re knocking on your door saying the mortgage payment is due and you’re saying “Hey, I’m just a tenant”. But you’re paying your rent every month so you’re like “hey wait, if I’m paying my Landlord, he’s to be paying Mortgage”. So the question I get is: Should I stop making my payment? And my recommendation is you should not do that. Your Lease agreement with your Landlord is a contract and there’s no, unless it says in there that if the Landlord stops making the mortgage payment you don’t have to pay him. You still have to pay ’em. Technically they own the house. They own the house even though they’re on default, they haven’t been making their payments. There’s no law requiring them to take the money form the rent and pay the mortgage on it. So, basically you have to keep paying it. If you don’t it, they can evict you. If you go to court and say it’s been foreclosed, they’re not gonna care. They’re gonna throw you out of the house. So, it becomes a different story if once it foreclosed. Let’s say, in the 15th of the month, someone knocks on your door. The house has been foreclosed. The bank now owns it. They wanna offer you cash for keys. They show you a deed saying the house is now owned. It’s not owned by the/your previous landlord. We own it. The bank owns it. Right, or Third party bought it, Trustee sale. And the first of the month comes around you, old landlord knocks on the door and says ” Hey you owe me a rent or I’m gonna evict you”. Well, now you’re in an interesting scenario. Ofcourse I will always recommend: Go talk to a Lawyer. Practically, Obviously, if they don’t own it. That contract isn’t valid anymore. If they don’t own the house then, you know, you shouldn’t have to pay. But like I said, talk to a lawyer. talk to people. But, there are landlords out there, I know in particular, It’s been four months, they’ve been foreclosed, the bank stood an eviction on the tenants, but the tenants are still paying for the Landlord because the Landlord said “Oh, it’s a mistake! The foreclosure was a mistake. We’re getting it reversed, don’t worry about it. Just keep paying us rent every month.” So the landlord/Tenant’s still paying the landlord. So, anyway that was a quick update for today. I just wanna give you some advice if you’re a tenant and you’re being foreclosed and that is keep paying that rent unless you wanna get evicted. Anyway, So that was my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks a lot.