Short sales and AB-284 Episode #248

Todd: Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. Joined here with Amanda Brown, the Short Sale Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire. And Amanda I want to talk about AB 284
and what it’s cause psychologically in a lot of people minds that should probably be doing a short sale right now.

Amanda: AB-284 has caused the banks in Las Vegas it kinda hault on Foreclosing on Home owners, so it has caused a lot home owners to sit still on taking action what they need to do with their properties. Whether be a short sale, even do a loan modification, but a lot of the banks/there’s one particular bank/one of the biggest institutions right now who has their systems in place, and are ready to start increasing their foreclosures on the properties and as you mentioned earlier as we’re talking privately you said the NOD’s have called/have gone up and those are defaults which means right around the corner after that will be foreclosures, So now is the time for home owners not to sit on their properties anymore and think that they’re gonna be able to stay in them for years, the banks are gonna start foreclosing again.

Todd: So the video I did, it was a few days ago, and if you go on and if you’ll go down you’ll see it. There’s links. And you can see the banks and they actually have the NOD list on there. And on there it has the link, they click on it. They can see the name of the banks that have all of a sudden started doing a ton of NODs. So, the thing I hear the most as I’ve talked to a lot of people who have said “Well, I’m gonna hold off because the banks are foreclosing right now and I’m sitting here with 3” What do you think might happen if all of a sudden there’s a flood of NODs and then the banks get serious? And instead of waiting a year and a half,
’cause roughly that’s the timeline of foreclosed now, they just go NOD, Notice of Trustee sale and Foreclose. Do you think there are gonna be people who, you know/that could take 4 months at the shortest time frame, do you think they’re gonna be people caught and getting foreclosed on when they could have short saled but they were trying to gain the system?

Amanda: I think there’s definitely gonna be people who are gonna surprised here in Las Vegas that the banks are also gonna start foreclosing when they thought they had a long time ’cause maybe the banks hadn’t communicated with them, haven’t said anything to them about being delinquent on their home, all of a sudden
they’re gonna end up with notice of default and the foreclosure sold date. So, I don’t recommend waiting any more during a short sale. In a short sale, the biggest benefits are getting a full release of remaining debt on both of your loans. Especially 2nd Lien holders, they are going to the collection companies and they are trying to collect. And in a short sale we can settle that 2nd lien holder with or you and you’ll completely be done with your property, bot of your loans.

Todd: Okay! SO, if somebody wants to do a short sale here in Las Vegas or Henderson or North Las Vegas here in the area, what do they have to do?

Amanda: All you need to do is call me directly on my cellphone which is 702-496-7416.

Todd: Awesome! Well thank you for being on my show today. I just wanted to share Amanda Brown and here extraordinary short sale experience and her expertise here in Las Vegas Real Estate market with you and just some tips, just something that you could use to hopefully make a decision with. Anyway, that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!