Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say: Episode #193

Todd decided to have some fun this weekend. Thanks to all the actors and actresses who helped out with the project.

Ryan Alexander, Janalyne Hansen, Chris Rodriguez, and Roselynn Savage.

Here is Episode 2

Other commentary:

The first video was released on Feb 5th 2012 and on the 6th, another real estate agent decided to make his own “Shit real estate agents say” video and proclaim it to be the original.

What this means is that I either have ESP and somehow knew about the video and had seen it and copied it, or that I don’t have ESP and the other agent is being an opportunist.

I think it is ironic that I made this video making fun of real estate agents, and another agent comes along and decides to prove that there are a lot of slimy people in real estate.

Our video was shot with actors, a script was written, and it was produced and released without any material. All of the footage of these videos were filmed before any other “Shit real estate agents say” video came out.

I was told by someone that I should be flattered by this, and I kinda am, but at the same time, just because someone paid for a bunch of Youtube views to spike their ratings, doesn’t mean that people really watched the video.

So this is the original shit real estate agents say video, and not to be confused with the copycat videos of shit real estate agents say.

So stay tuned because I have more videos that I will be putting out, both serious, and some fun like these.