Real Estate agent Video blog in their cars? Why Exactly? Episode #249

Real Estate agent video blog: Why from a car?

Real Estate Agent Video Blog – They like their cars

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. Today’s episode’s gonna be a little different than most of the other ones. Normally what we do is we talk about the Real Estate market here in Las Vegas. But what I wanna talk about is video blogging and why Real Estate agents do it and kind of this funny thing that I’ve sort of noticed that Real Estate agents do. So anyway, So Real Estate agents use video blogging

for the same reason I do. Something called Social Proof!

A real estate agent video blog from a car

Real Estate Agent Video Blog

It lets people out there that we’re legitimate, that we have some expertise and knowledge and then it gets people the idea to be comfortable with us because what happens that what most people do is they look around online for everything that they’re shopping for whether it be something they wanted to buy, or a house they wanna buy, a product they wanna buy, or a service that they want to use so it includes Real Estate service. So, you probably ask yourself so, why do a lot of the Real Estate agents blogs look very/video blogs look very similar. Well this is the reason, the most common one is the one I laugh at. It’s the Real Estate agent driving a car, right? and they have a little camera and they’re driving and they’re like/sometimes they’re parked, sometimes they’re driving and it gives you the impression that they’re like spent they’re whole life in the car. The truth is, Real Estate agents actually spent very little time in their car. Real Estate agents spends most of their time in the office. I think the perception for most people is that a Real Estate agent’s shows houses. Right? And it depends if that’s your business model. If your an agent who represents buyers and you just spent a lot of time driving around. But even if you spend 5 or 10 hours driving around with the client, you spend more time in the office with all the paper work and negotiation doing the things like that. So, I do mine in my office ’cause this is where I am all day long. I’m in here. I’m doing consultations with clients, I’m on the phone with clients, I’m on the phone with other agents negotiating stuffs. Calling buyers, calling sellers, trying to get all my listings sold. So this is where I work. So this is what I do from here. But what’s funny is that these Real Estate agents who were doing their video blogs in their cars, they’re actually going out of their way, meaning, they go out to their car, they put their/usually put their camera on a little sticky, a little suctions cup, put it on the window and drive around and talk and do their real estate agent video blog. And I see so many of these. Well the reason they do this is they have a very little imagination. Instead of actually like showing you what they go through in a day or things that they’re doing, they just, you know, they have the same story. The reason they do that is ’cause somebody started doing a real estate agent video blog. Many years ago this one agent got very popular and very well known so everyone exactly copied what he did. Which was in the car, driving around on in the car parked and so it became very common for Real Estate agents to do a real estate agent video blog. Why I found this out? Because my own Real Estate agent video blog is titled Todd Miller TV. I was/as far as I’m aware I’m the first agent to use my name-TV as/for my blog. Everyone else have a different name or whatever. What I’ve noticed recently now is that because there’s a lot of Real Estate agents who watched my blog, that they’re all copying. So they all now have their Name TV right? Personal branding. And then, but a lot of them like drive around with a thing in their/I think it’s funny because I’ve been doing videos now for about 3 years, I’ve got over 300 on YouTube and you know, this is fun. I like doing it. And I just/I think it’s very interesting that Real Estate agents have sort of copied this. Anyway, and yes I agree. I’m doing a video I’m copying somebody else to do the video but I just think that it’s interesting how they’ve sort of flocked to the same method which is in the car driving around and whatever. So anyway, I thought I would share that with you. That’s sort of my thoughts on video blog, sort of vlog, V-L-O-G, for Real Estate agents and so I just thought that was amusing ’cause I’m seeing them more and more, it’s driving me crazy. So anyway, that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!

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