Real Estate Agent: Donna Brass

Real Estate agent Donna Brass explains her value proposition and why buyers choose her to help them through the home buying process.

Real Estate Buyer Agent Donna Brass

Todd: Hello and welcome to Todd Miller TV, your resource for what’s current in Las Vegas real estate market. And I am joined with real estate agent and buyer agent extraordinaire, Donna Brass. Donna, thanks for being here today.

Donna: Great. Thanks for having me.

Todd: So, the question I get all the time from people is why should I pick you to be the agent to represent me buying this house?

Donna: Well, because I’m the agent that’s going to help you navigate through this real estate market. It’s very challenging for everyone at this time. The market is very different than any other time. And so, you’re going to need an agent that knows how to help you navigate through, show you where the good deals are, get you to them, and also, help you with the paperwork so that you can get your offer in and get it accepted and get you those desirable properties.

Todd: So when you say, this time, how is buying a house now different from maybe someone buying a house five or six years ago?

Donna: We have a lot of different situations. One is short sales and other is foreclosure REO. Very different types of transactions and you need somebody that specializes and knows the difference between those transactions so that you’re able to take advantage of those opportunities as a buyer.

Todd: OK. So, would you say you’re successful with helping people do this?

Donna: Very successful.

Todd: OK. So the average real estate agent statistically, National Association of Realtors, sells four houses a year. How would you – how many would you estimate you sell in a year?

Donna: Many more than that.

Todd: Many more than that.

Donna: Many more than that.

Todd: OK. Specifically with regard to foreclosures, do you – is there some – do you have like access to them before like other people do? Sort of tell us like with regard to REO properties, how do you sort of have an edge maybe over them working just with an agent they picked off the street?

Donna: Well, I’m actually able to access information of REO properties that are coming on the market so I’m able to get a lot of information prior to that information coming to the MLS for the average buyers. So I’m able to prepare them or possibly, find them a house in the neighborhood that they did not know was available.

Todd: So, you have sort of like a secret source. You have knowledge of houses so that you can basically be ready for them. So as soon as they come on, you can jump on them, right?

Donna: Exactly, exactly. I can actually see property’s history, how long a property has been on the market, and what were the conditions of that market time. Many buyers say, “How long has it been on the market?” Well, the condition of that market time is what tells us about that property, not necessarily their days on market. But actually, what happened during those days? Where was the property? What was the asking price? Was it a short sale? Was it an REO? All of those factors help you, the buyer, find out where the good deals are.

Todd: OK. Good. How can they call you if they go, “That’s the agent I want to use. She has access to the foreclosures before they’re on the market. I can jump on those. She understands the complexities in the short sale process.” How can they get a hold of you?

Donna: Well, they can call me directly at 702-612-7652 or they can email me. Just remember, homes, you want to buy one, I promise you, when you work with me, you will get the best deal in this real estate market.

Todd: Good. All right. Well, thanks for being here today. If you have any more questions specifically for Donna, you can call her or email her or you can just, below this blog, you can type in a comment and we will respond via video. Thanks for tuning in today and I hope to see you on another video.