Occupancy Check

Todd Miller: Hello, welcome to Todd Miller Tv. I’m here in an occupancy check that we have for a new property. I wanted to kind of give you a feel . Most of the properties you’re probably aware of. REOs, they’re usually trashed, they’re usually in really bad shape and they’re in really lousy neighborhoods apparently, but here this is a much better one. I’ll sort of give you a better look at the neigborhood. Here’s the house, that’s a pretty nice house. There’s the street, looking down the street. So, there it is. We’re gonna go up here and knock on the door and see whats going on. Kind of a nice…angel thing going on. Gonna post a note.

Oanna Sterlacci: Hello
Todd Miller: Say hey to all the people.
Oanna Sterlacci: Hello all the people.We’re posting a house. It’s a lovely house in a guard gated community and at one point this house was listed for 3 million dollars.
Todd Miller: Not anymore.
Oanna Sterlacci: Right now the market value, depending on what its like on the inside, which of course we don’t know right now. But, assuming that it’s nice on the inside it’s worth about a million.
Todd Miller: A million.
Oanna Sterlacci: Yeah. This is the typical letter that we post. It’s not mean or anything. The letter simply says ‘You’re a resident as you may know, this is a bank owned property. The owner or servicer of the property is offering re-location assistance under certain conditions. Please get in touch with me immediately before the offer of re-location assistance expires.’ So there’s nothing mean about this, we do offer re-location assitance to help people move.
Todd Miler: Good. Awesome.
Oanna Sterlacci: and of course we take pictures of everything as we document it.
Todd Miller: and unfortunately they’re not here so we can’t talk to them and let them know this so, we’ll see because we don’t know if they’re here, sometimes they’re there. It’s a big house; its 7,000 square foot house so they could be anywhere in there and not be aware. A little look inside the house. Anyway, so that’s the update, just thought I’d take you on an occupancy check, show you what we have to deal with sometimes. You know, fortunately here there was nothing bad that happened. Sometimes they come to the door, they’re angry and not this time. But anyway, you know this is a nice neighborhood. You can get a hoyse in here for under a million bucks, which right now, that’s not too bad considering at one time to be in this neighborhood, you like she said. 3 million, it was about a million and a half for the cheap houses, mayeb something like that right there. Just a one story, probably a 3,500 square foot house to something like this huge 2 story thing which its huge, its on about a 3rd of an acre. Pretty massive house. Anyway, that’s the update for today and thanks for tuning in.