Notice of Default List for June 18th 2012 Episode #224

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NOD list for June 18th 2012

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’ve got the notice of default list here for this past Monday the 18th of June. I wanted to share this with you, Go through a little bit and then give you a copy of it. It’s the actual copy of something that is public information. You can actually, if you’re on Todd Miller TV it’s just the link below the video. There’s a link that says NOD list. You just click on it. It’ll pull up this PDF. If you’re watching on YouTube, I’ll put the link on YouTube. For the blog, you’ll have to go on the blog to look at it ’cause I can’t attach stuff to YouTube. But I wanted to share with you some interesting information, if you follow all my videos you know that we do a lot of REO here. We also help people buy at the Trustee Sales, or very, the front end of our business is the Trustee Sale and the NODs. The NODs slowed down substantially starting October and were getting to the point where it’s gonna start affecting us if we don’t see more NODs filed. And on Monday there were actually 38 filed. So 38 is a descent number. It’s not as much as in the past where we have a few hundred in a day, but 38 is still a pretty reasonable number. But what’s more important is I wanna share with you who is foreclosing. Meaning who is filing NODs. This is really important because there’s been this sort of conspiracy theory that the bank can’t foreclose. That’s not true. They can. They just have to have a signed affidavit. The penalties have gone up but it’s not impossible for them to foreclose. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go through this list. I’ll publish this, you can see. These are just some of the lenders who have decided to file an NOD. Wells Fargo, KB Mortgage, CountryWide which is now part of all Bank of America, another Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, they’re one of the largest lenders, Bank of America, GMAC Mortgage, M&I Bank, small bank in the upper mid-west, they’ve done a lot of residential, American Home Mortgage, Lending Tree, CountryWide again, another American Mortgage, Guild Mortgage, Universal America, some smaller loan companies, Rjet Mortgage, Mortgage Depot, Freemont Investment, they were a sub-prime lender, CountryWide again, another Bank of America, another CountryWide, so that’s all Banks of America stuff, First Horizon Home Loans, another one. That’s just some them that I have sort of read through the list and saw. What that means is when you heard me say JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CountryWide, you’re also including in there some Fannie and Freddie loans ’cause eventhough they’re the beneficiary, they’ll end up going back to the servicer. Some of this will go back to Fannie or Freddie. So basically, these are the big banks. The big banks are still filing the NODs. The AB-284 and that has definitely affected it but it doesn’t stop them completely. They are still filing NODs. We’ve seen this behavior. This is a reasonable size list. Could it be more? Yeah! Could be a lot more. Do we know when it’s coming? Nobody knows, but I thought I would share the information with you. There’s been this rumor that the market, number of available properties is down by 82%. It’s 82% less. And that’s absolutely not true. We have about 5,000 properties available. A little over 5,000. If we’re down 82%, that means we only have 18% of what we have last year. Which meant last year, at the same time, if you snapshot in time, we had 26,000 properties on the market? We didn’t. We had about 8,000 properties. We’re down you know, 30% or so. We didn’t even make the top 10. That’s another video I did that I pulled in from an article, pulled all that data. So, I wanna share this with you, show you the infos so you can make a decision for yourself and not just you know, listen to what the rantings of some people are. There are people out there that have certain motivations, they’re trying/they have a political agenda, or they’re trying to scare people or whatever, or they’re just terrified, I don’t know what the deal is. But, yeah! It’s definitely slowed down but this proves, ’cause this is just one day, this proves that the big banks can still files NODs. And they are on certain properties. So anyway, I just want to share that with you. Once again, if you wanted to download the list, just go on to ToddMillerTV, right below the video you’re watching right now, there’s a link that’ll say “NODs for Monday, June 18th 2012.” You’ll be able to take a look at them and everything. Just kinda go through the list and. These are future foreclosures, these properties will turn into REOs. Most of them probably in about a year ’cause that’s about how long it takes. So anyway, that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!