Las Vegas Listing Agent

Hi, my name is Todd Miller and I’m a Las Vegas listing agent. What that means specifically, is that I am a real estate agent that specializes in the listing and sales of residential properties. You’re probably wondering what that means for you?

Most real estate agents handle both listings and buyers. The reason they do this is because both listing properties and representing buyers pays a commission. Since the average real estate agent only sells about 4 homes a year, it is important to be able to be as diverse as possible.

Listing agents, however, will only represent sellers. One of the reasons they do this is because it is a different skill set than representing a buyer. When an agent takes a buyer out to show properties, they are trying to match the buyers needs with the available properties. When a listing agent takes a listing the agent is more concerned about positioning the property to net the highest amount per the sellers needs. It is somewhat of an art for how best this should be done, and if an agent hasn’t had much experience doing this, they can either cause a sale too low, or they can cause a house to sit on the market and become stigmatized.

A Las Vegas listing agent typically only lists properties in the Las Vegas area, including Henderson and North Las Vegas. Since I’ve listed and sold over 1,000 properties personally, I’m very good at all the important aspects of how to position a property to sell, then how best to negotiate with the buyers agent to the benefit of my seller.  I don’t actually handle buyer generally.  I have a team of 8 agents that are full-time real estate agent and they help me with buyers.  Some of these agents sell 40 or more houses a year!

The other advantage of using a listing agent is that they typically have a pool of buyers ho have contacted them directly from signs and other marketing, including online marketing. Additionally, a Las Vegas listing agent is going to have a system set up to heavily market the property for sale on the internet. In my office, it takes 3 of us to handle a listing. I’m handling the client issues and negotiations, I have one assistant who spends 8 hours a day uploading the details of the house on various real estate websites, and another assistant who has a real estate license to help with the paperwork and coordinating inspections, etc.

You can check out my Yelp real estate reviews here to see what some of my clients have said about me.  You will see I come up #1 for real estate agent in Yelp.

Whether you are ready to list now, or merely looking for some more information, feel free to call me directly at 702-218-2819.