Las Vegas condo for $40k in guard gated neighborhood.

Hey, welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’m out to a property inspections today, and I came in this community I wanted to sort of share it with you, it’s called Bella Vita. It’s only about two or three miles from the strip and I can’t really see any buildings in here ’cause the trees and stuff but, couple miles from the strip, public transportation lines, really interesting community. These were apartments that were converted to condos about a few years ago, maybe Five or Six years ago, top of the market. Sold them for Two-fifty maybe, you get a Two bedroom unit here for Two-fifty at the time. Granite counters, really nice, sunny inside. They’re all pretty good. Like maybe, Nine-hundred square feet. And/so today what is that look like? So today what that looks like is about Forty grand. You can get a unit in here. Maybe Forty-five for two bedroom units. It’s not a bad community, it’s guard gated. I’m just gonna give you just a little bit of kind of idea what the community looks like. You can see they’re a little bit older buildings but they are relatively nice. And then, they do have nice community features like namely, they’ve got a pool, and it’s nice little area to sort of relax, there’s a club house over there. Club house’s got a gym and stuff like that in it. So, it’s guard gated which means it’s very secure. You can’t get in here. I mean, I’ve had a hard time getting in here. I had to like show my card, to show I’m a Real Estate agent and everything. So, anyway, just wanted to update you on this community Bella Vita. You can be in here for Forty-five grand. If you’re gonna invest the units, you get about Seven-fifty in a unit here. Just keep in mind the HOA fees and your taxes and stuff is gonna be about two-fifty, so you could probably net Five hundred dollars a month rent for a Forty-five thousand dollars investment. Wouldn’t be too bad. And if you want a little place you could hang out, this would be not a bad one for you. So anyway, just wanted to share that with you. That’s my update for today and hope to see you on the future video. Thanks.