Investor 4 plex bought at trustee sale Episode #208

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’m outside at a house, it’s actually a 4-plex in the downtown area that we picked up at the Trustee sale for a client, fully rented at this time. I just wanna show you the area here. This is a sort of a I would call it a quiet are but it’s actually just not very populated. Most major cities if you go a couple blocks from downtown you’re gonna find people living there and things like that. In this case, it’s not and it’s just manly because we’re just kinda a lot of abandoned, old apartment complex’s here closed down, like small motels and things like that. So here, I’ll first show you the unit. Yeah, there you go. There’s the unit, it’s big 4-plex, it’s got people living there, you can see it’s got a yard and everything. Anyway, sso you’ve got these buildings over here that are occupied and you’ve got buildings over there that looked occupied, and then that building right there is a commercial building, they do some kind of industrial thing there, over here you can see that blue building or green building, it’s like aqua, it’s close, looks like it was an apartment or small motel, there it is, it was the Silver Queen Motel if you can see that, that brown building over there actually looks occupied and building down next to that one is occupied as well, then you have residential houses over here. The most interesting thing here is, that’s downtown. Downtown Las Vegas isn’t much but you can basically see if you see right there you see a couple buildings, you’ve got the Four Queens and Union Plaza, we’re just about 10 blocks away from that. So anyway, just wanted to sort of show you the area down here, and there’s some oppurtunity I think down here to hold stuff in the future, I think it will be worth something. Zapples is coming downtown, who know what that will bring. Anyway so, that is my update for today. I’m out in the field, as you can see, I do actually go out to houses and do work. So anyway, that’s the update and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!