Inman Connect 2012 in New York City: Episode #185

hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. You’re probably noticing I’m not in my normal office where I normally do my video blog. I’m gonna give you a quick tour of where I am and then you can guess what I’m doing Today’s episode. As you can see big wided stuff and big buildings and all that and.. Anyway this is Time Square down here today and a Real Estate conference in New York City downtown. And I wanted to do a quick update ’cause even though I’m out here in New York it’s still interesting to find out what’s going on nationally ’cause things happening in other markets can happen in Vegas as well. So one of the interesting things was I talked to an agent in Miami, Fl and if you’re aware, Miami, FL was a little ahead of Las Vegas for what happened with REOs and Foreclosures. There’s a lot of High-rise condos built there. Most of those high rise condos were foreclosed. One point, there were 26,000 units on the market. Today there’s 2,000, those have been snapped up and they were bought by investors mostly from Europe. So those investors have to go somewhere, you know, people are still investing and they bought out the Miami market. You know, I predict Vegas will be another market that investors hit pretty readily the second we get any good news you know I’ll know they’re gonna be there. So I thought that was interesting information, I though that was a pretty cool kind of analogy to the Las Vegas Market. I thought I could come out here in the street, give you a little taste of New York, and if you’ve never been here before you definitely gotta come. It’s really cool. But anyway, that’s my update and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!