Attention Sellers: I have a buyer for your house! Episode #317

Attention Sellers I Have a Buyer for Your House

Hello. Welcome to Todd Miller TV. The title of this episode is Attention Sellers I Have a Buyer for Your House. This is targeted for people that own a house in Las Vegas. I don’t care whether you own one house, whether you own 10 houses. If it meets certain criteria, I have somebody right now who will buy it. I actually have a few people who will buy it. So this is the criteria. OK.

First of all, looking for homes under $130,000. Preferably, they get one percent per month in gross rent. So this is how you would know. Let’s say you’ve got a house you think is worth $100,000. OK? And there’s no HOA. It’s just a $100,000 house and – but you know that you can get $1000 a month rent for it meaning your next door neighbor is your tenant. He pays 1000 a month. He has the same house.

That means that one percent of the value of the house in gross rents is coming in. So if that’s the case, then give me a call because I have somebody who will buy the house right away. If it’s closed, like if your house is worth 90,000 but you get 800 or 850, I still probably have a buyer for your house.

So the reason for this is we have very low inventory and with the low inventory, there’s high demand; and because of the high demand, I have sort of accumulated a group of people that are trying to buy. So we’re starting to get a lot of jam on the buy side. The seller side is easy because all of those things are selling right away with multiple offers.

So I like to be able to put the buyers I’m working with into some houses a little faster. Now remember, these are only low end stuff. If you have a higher end house or you have something that doesn’t meet that criteria, we can still sell it.

We have a bunch of people that are looking for stuff like that but we’re really sort of looking for right now for those lower end houses. Like I said, anything under about 130. Probably I have a buyer ready to go right away.

So I thought I would share that with you. You can call me. You can email me. My phone number is 702-218-2819. It doesn’t have to go on the MLS. I’m just going to call my investors. If you want it in the MLS, if you wanted to have other people take shots at it too and push up their price, we can do that as well.

But please give me a call. Here in Las Vegas, the real estate market has been depleted of available properties and we need more properties for the buyers that we’re working with especially us here because we have a lot of buyers who have come to us to help them find properties and looking for investment properties.

So anyway that’s my update and I hope to see you on another video. Thanks.