How being persistent pays off for this real estate agent. Episode #244

Todd: Hello! Welcome to Todd Miller TV. I’m joined here today with Cassi Mor.
Cassi: Hello!
Todd: Thank you very much for being on the show today. Okay Cassi here’s the deal, a lot of people that are looking to buy will tell me “Hey I want a house like this price in this area” and then when I go to pull it up, it doesn’t exist.
Cassi: Right.
Todd: So like a certain area and a certain price range. So you work with a lot of buyer and you’re really good at somehow finding them houses.
Cassi: Yes. Thank you.
Todd: Good. So how do you get them when that situation happens like what are the things you do to help that person?
Cassi: Well, what I like to do is still go out and look at everything. Even if it’s not perfectly in their criteria ’cause sometimes if there’s pictures that don’t look good but you get to the property and that looks completely different, that always helps. But you have to actually get there to see. Or sometimes listing don’t even have any picture or maybe they only have one picture so, I still encourage buyers to go out and let’s try and look at everything we can. If not much Props in the criteria, then I tried to expand it either by location or maybe price a little, location really helps just expanding the areas of where to go ’cause if you find the home, you’re willing to drive maybe a mile more that you thought you were from the beginning. So we try to get out there, see the home and if they really wanted what floors, let’s see “Okay well how much would it cost to change this one room with what floors whatsoever? You know, paint it a different color to make it fit their criteria. It’s just a whole business of actually going out and see everything out there as much as you can and eventually something will pop but no get discouraged and keep going and keep that momentum and keep writing offers and then eventually something’s gonna stick.
Todd: Okay so, it sounds like you’re pretty persistent.
Cassi: Yes!
Todd: One of the things that I hear a lot from Real Estate agents is that, they’ve put in a lot of offers, they can’t get anything accepted, and then their buyer gets flicky on them and leaves.
Cassi: Well, your buyer shouldn’t leave because you’re still committed to them and showing them you’re still working and your frustrated just as they are. But that doesn’t mean you give up because everyday properties come on the market. Not a lot especially right now but everyday something’s gonna come up so you just let them know “Look, okay we’re gonna look at 10 this weekend, then you know as properties trickle in then we’ll go see one by one as they come in.”
Todd: Do you think it’s harder now? Because a lot people who are buying have bought before and maybe when they bought, it was a time when you look at 20 houses, they were all available, they put an offer, and they didn’t ever have to go through this, and now they’re going through what we have here which is not many houses and the good ones just disappear rather quickly with lots of offers and they’re not used to that. How do you talk to people like when you sit down with them at the very beginning and tell them what they’re expectation should be? How do you prepare them for that?
Cassi: Well, that’s a great point. Absolutely right from the beginning I do try to prepare them. I let them know “Look, the inventory is low but it’s not gone. There’s still homes in the market. This is what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna go look at every home that we see that you like right now. If we go see 20, you like 5, we’re writing 5 offers, not all of them will stick, but if more than one do stick, that and you get your offer accepted, then you have the choice on which property you want. If none of those work, well we just keep on going.” And you try to make it light to them. Understand them, listen, just continuously listen to them so they don’t feel like “Oh, I’m tired of this. I don’t want to do it anymore.” You gotta make it where they enjoy also being with you so you can continue to go out and look at properties. You know it’s 2 way, it’s a lot of energy but we’re in this and I do it with every single buyer so let’s just do it over and over again but I love what I do so it’s easy. You know, I don’t mind.
Todd: Well, you said something interesting you Listen, you know I like that ’cause I think the big complain I hear that most agents don’t listen that they/that’s what I hear. “My last agents wasn’t listening wasn’t listening to when I was telling what I wanted.”
Cassi: Yeah. And that’s the thing a lot of times you just wanna vent. You know, just like anything in life. You just wanna vent like “This is so frustrating, I keep writing offers, I keep seeing properties.” Listen to them. Understand, you know you’re feeling it, don’t try to tell them “Well, you gotta keep going.” You know, just listen and encourage them to keep going.
Todd: Okay. if somebody out there wants to hire you to help them find a house, how do they get in touch with you?
Cassi: Call me anytime. My cellphone number is 702-501-1085. I’m always available, text me, e-mail me at
Todd: Okay. Awesome!
Cassi: Thank you.
Todd: So I could vouch for her, she’s an awesome Real Estate agent here.
Cassi: Thank you.
Todd: So anyway, thanks for being on the show.
Cassi: Thank you so much. Definitely.
Todd: Awesome! So that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!