House for sale in Las Vegas – $147,900

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV, I’m out in front of a house, it’s an REO. I wanna show you what a house will look like once the bank has fixed it up. When I first got this assignment it was pretty trashed on the inside like broken windows, debris, a bunch of stuff. It’s in a Neighborhood. There’s the house right there. It’s in a neighborhood, it’s a pretty nice neighborhood. Don’t see a lot of houses for sale here. Its used to cost Three-fifty to Four hundred was the entry price to get in to this neighborhood, just to get in some other house is Six/Seven hundred thousand dollars in here. So they’re gonna take a little tour in the house and then I’ll give you a Punch line at the end which why this thing is a Smoking deal. Si it’s got some nice grass, and then you can hear the dog. There’s the dog, that’s the next door neighbor dog. So, the whole inside is, downstairs is all tiled floor. It’s pretty nice. In the kitchen, they’ve got this Korean counter top. The nice thing is all the appliances. And if you look at the wall, you can see that they’re freshly painted. And then, we’ll take a look out back. We have a beautiful clean pool, and a relatively descent size back yard with patio. Very nice! So this window is completely busted out. You can see there’s a brand new window in there. And then there’s this laundry area. We’re gonna go upstairs. Brand new carpet. It’s a little bit of a bonus area. Maybe put a TV up here or who knows, Kids play area. Descent size master with master bathroom. This/I’ll give you an idea, this didn’t have sinks. And it didn’t have that. So this got fixed up super nice. I mean, really nice. Big closet. Go down the hall.
Here we go. Got a nice big closet. Another bath, also it’s very nice. Another bedroom. Big closet and a little bit of a view out the window. And a chirping smoke detector. Alright, you probably seeing yourself why is a Smoking deal, like I said at the top of the market this is a Four hundred thousand dollar house. The bank has completely repaired it. It’s beautiful. It’s move-in ready. Can’t imagine why it wouldn’t qualify for FHA financing. List price, One Forty-Seven Nine. It’s probably gonna disappear in a day or two so, if you’re watching this video and it’s been like a week or two, it’s probably gone. But it’s a great deal. If you want a showing in this house, call someone in my team and they’ll come meet you out here and write an offer, show it to you. That phone number is 702-991-3153 that’s my buyer team. Any other houses you just call them and they’ll show ’em. Like I said, this a Smoking deal. This house is, it’s beautiful. It’s painted, carpeted, it’s had a ton of money put in to it. It was trashed before so, it should just fly off the market at that price. So, that’s my update today. Hope to see you on another video. Thanks.