Homing In – Real Estate App iTunes Episode #260

Todd explains what the new app that Nevada Realty Solutions released does. More improvements and features are coming. This is also a temporary landing page for http://hominginapp.com

Here is a link to the app store


Hello1 Welcome to Todd Miller TV. Today’s update is about the App that we’ve submitted to the Apple store which is called “Homing In”. It’s the first ever app of its kind, and what it allows, it allows Rea Estate agents, consumers, anybody to take pictures, make notes of any residential property and post them for everybody to see. I would say it’s Yelp like, it’s not really like Yelp because on that is really reviews but, what I was really interested and the problem I was interested in solving was when you go on website whether Trulia, Zillow, Realtor, or whatever, even the MLS, the only pictures you get to see about a property are the ones the listing agent put in the MLS. You don’t get to see any notes that anybody put. If the listing agent puts “Great House, Must see,” that’s all you know about the house. And so, people want information about the property so, what I thought I would do is put together a way for people to go to a property, take notes, make pictures, and the be able to share that with everybody so that if you know, if you wanted to know more about a property you can see wither other people’s pictures are and say “Hey, I don’t wanna go see it now that I have seen the inside.” or “Wow! It looks even better that I thought” and so anyway, that is the/what the app does, called “Homing In.” It’s location based. It’ very cool; we have some very cool features in there. For example, you can’t just post any picture. It has to be physically taken at the property, it’ all Geo-coded and everything. And there’s another problem that we’re solving that we’ll be releasing in upcoming version which I’ll tell you about on the next update that I do. Sp anyway, I thought I would share that with you. If you went to Hominginapp.com and like clicked on the link and got to this/my video blog, you probably/this is the place holder because I don’t have a webpage up yet so, I just taught I would give you and introduction to who I am, and what the app does; as far as who I am, if you’re watching this you’re watching Todd Miller TV< I'm the Owner-Broker of Nevada Realty Solutions, we're Real Estate Company here in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, this can be used anywhere. It's not meant for just Las Vegas. And I thought I would participate in the Tech scene of what's happening in Real Estate and do something that I think is very cool and that we're potentially add a lot of value to consumers, to Real Estate agents, and to anybody who wants innovative way to share pictures, communicative information to each other. So anyway, that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!