GPS trackers on appliances?

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV, out doing property inspections. I came across something interesting that I wanted to share with you. It’s independent of the house, so the house is right here. As you can see it’s in a neighborhood where they’re very close together. But what’s more interesting, is it they are Three Stories tall. So we’re gonna go in. Take a look at this. It’s got a One car garage. So we come in, there’s a landing and you either have to go up or go down. So let’s start off by going down here. Fresh paint and carpet courtesy of the bank. This is an REO property. And it’s got a washer/dryer area. And then a little bathroom. And just a really little yard. Not a very big yard. So this is just a small downstairs room. Access, is how you access the garage from down here. Then we’ll go up to the main level. So here’s the main level. Kitchen, still waiting on doors for that to be put in. And then the window’s all to be cleaned. Windows are all dirty. Here’s the interesting I wanted to show you: So, house has appliances right? But then it has this little green tag. I’m gonna read it to you. ” All appliances being tracked by GPS Appliance Tracking Service Las Vegas”. So what that means is: don’t steal the appliances, you will get caught! So, kind of a new thing that GPS trackers are pretty cheap now and they pull them off before closing of Escrow. So, Alright. So, Full bath, then you got Three bedrooms up here. Another room. Master. master doesn’t have a huge bath, it’s got that. This, and then a kind of a small closet. Okay. Then the cool thing is out the back, the windows are kinda dirty so, you can see it’s got, you can see there’s like a sports court back there and grass and everything. It’s a little park with some views. So, one of the interesting things about this development is that the houses are physically bigger than the lot. Because they are three stories tall and the lots you know, you have maybe five or ten feet all the way around the outside of the house. So just kind of a unique selling feature, I thought you’d wanna see it and see how tightly packed some of the houses are out here. You’re probably wondering what is something like this run, and the answer is: It’s not yet on the MLS, we’re just finishing the repairs and then once it’s/they’re all done, we’ll have it in the MLS but, and you’ll find out, I’ll post it in the website or some place you’ll be able to see. How much the house is. Something like this probably looking under a hundred thousand you should be able to buy something like this in this part of town. A smoking deal, considering you know, it was probably three something; maybe three hundred thousand to buy it five years ago. Anyway, so that is my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks!