Get a cash offer on your house within 48 hours: Episode #345

Todd: Hello and welcome to Todd Miller TV. Joined here today with Oana and so, exciting news. So you have an investor.

Oana: Yes.

Todd: Actually a few investors who have made a guarantee that on any property, they will make a cash offer within 48 hours.

Oana: Right. So look, what’s happening in the marketplace is we have very little inventory.

Todd: OK.

Oana: And there are multiple investors in our marketplace with cash to burn who want to buy properties. But they’re getting beat out. They’re getting beat out on the property that are listed in the Multiple Listing Service, on HUD and that sort of thing. They’re getting beat out by owner occupants and by other investors.

Todd: OK.

Oana: So now, we’re thinking out of the box a little bit and we’re reaching out to homeowners who don’t have their property currently listed. So if your property is not currently listed, then get in touch with us. Go on the website. Give us a call and let us know about your property.

Todd: So this is the card that has gone out to everybody. Cash offer in 48 hours and then the website address is So I will put that underneath the blog, a link you can click on. It will take you over there,

So they go on the site. They put in their information, just their name, address, their phone number, and then they submit and then you call them up and just get some basic information from them.

Oana: Right.

Todd: About the house.

Oana: Right. And I talked to a couple of people yesterday.

Todd: OK.

Oana: So it’s pretty straightforward. They just get a phone call from me and it’s, “Hi. How are you doing? Now tell me a little bit about the house,” because a lot of times, the tax record isn’t right. So the tax record will show that it’s a three-bedroom, two-bath but no, really in truth, it’s a four-bedroom, two and a half bath or whatever.

So I want to make sure that the information is correct. A lot of times, people have done improvements to the property. They have taken out the old appliances and they have put in beautiful new appliances. They have rehabbed the kitchen or whatever they’ve done. So that’s important in valuing the property.

We want to make sure that we understand what the property looks like, what condition it’s in and so I can better value the property and get together with the investor.

Sometimes people want to just sell the house but maybe that they want to rent back for a while, while maybe they’re buying new construction, so that happens sometimes. They’re buying a new construction home and that’s not going to be ready for a while and all those timelines forever changing.

Most of our investors are totally fine with that. They will let you stay in the house and you can just rent back.

Todd: Actually, isn’t that what most of them are going to do anyway? They’re buying the house as a rental.

Oana: Exactly.

Todd: They need a tenant. This is actually probably really good if you want to stay in the house. If you just want to sell it and cash out your equity but you don’t want it – like you want to sell it – you may not be moving now. You may be moving in a year but you want to take advantage of the market now. Sell it now. Rent it back for a year. That way in a year when it’s time to move, the house is sold. You just make your last rent payment and move. You don’t have to worry about the flood of properties hitting the market or whatever.

Oana: Right, exactly. So our investors are not – they’re not always looking to flip. A lot of times, they are looking to rent. So that’s a good opportunity for you to cash out, take your money, but at the same time stay in the house where you’re comfortable and you’re happy and just make rent payments and that’s good too.

Todd: Cool. So what do they have to do then to get started?

Oana: They have to go either give us a call or they have to go visit Put in your information and then you will get a phone call from one of us. It’s easy.

Todd: The website kind of looks like this picture here. So find the website and this is only for the Vegas area. So it’s Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City.

Oana: Right. So it’s only for Southern Nevada for the Las Vegas area but again it’s really easy. You will get an offer within 48 hours and it will be very straightforward. You don’t have to accept the offer but again this is only for homeowners whose house is not currently listed.

Todd: OK.

Oana: OK?

Todd: Cool.

Oana: Easy.

Todd: Awesome. All right? So I thought I would share that with you. That’s Oana and her investor who is trying to buy a bunch of houses cash. So that’s my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks.