Do heartfelt letters sway a seller’s decision? Episode #343

Todd explains his thoughts on heartfelt letters from buyers to sellers and if they work or not.

Here is a link to the article referenced in the blog.

Hello. Welcome to Todd Miller TV. I just read an article on HousingWire that said that if you write a letter to the seller, you will have a better chance of getting your offer accepted. So the title of this blog is Will Writing Offer to the Seller Get Your Offer Accepted?

OK. So in this story, there were 10 offers on a house and the buyers wrote an offer and he wrote a letter and included in the letter, he put a picture of their like black lab puppy that they had and then they got their offer accepted and of course that’s the reason their offer got accepted because they put the picture of the black lab puppy.

So they stated that they broke the code. They figured out how to get it. You just put a picture of your dog or you write a love letter, something really personal and the sellers will go, “Oh,” and we feel bad for them and they will go ahead and sell the house.

So these are my thoughts on that. Selling a property is a business transaction. You’re trying to net the most money, get the best seller in the most reasonable amount of time.

So I can’t imagine that they said, “Hey, this offer here is good and that is $5000 more but they have a black lab puppy. I mean come on. We should just let them have the house and they will have that equity. When we sell the house, they will have $5000 more too.”

I just don’t see that as being tenable. To me, I mean that just doesn’t work. I mean look, a seller could pick any offer they want. So a buyer could write a letter and then they can hand it to the agent and the agent can present them I guess with the offer and say, “Hey, the buyer wanted you to see this.” Sellers, sell your choice. If you want to accept the offer, go for it. But this is a financial transaction you’re making and think about that first.

Some of those other people that didn’t write letters, they may have cute puppies too and they may have two or three cute puppies. Those cute puppies, their feelings will be hurt because their owners didn’t send the letter.

So you should think about that too. Just because they sent the letter, they have a puppy, it doesn’t mean other people don’t have puppies either. Anyway, whole thing is nonsense. I think it’s nuts. I just thought I would share that with you. I will put a link to the article. It’s funny. So that’s my update for today and hope to see you on another video. Thanks.