Do elections really affect real estate? Episode #262

Hello! Welcome to Todd Miler TV. As you all are probably aware this September 2012, we have an election coming up in the less than 2 months and it’s cost a lot of people to speculate about what’s gonna happen to the Real Estate market. So I just wanted to sort of tell you my thoughts about, you know what/do elections really even matter in Real Estate. So you’re hearing 2 different debates; you’re hearing one that says “Oh, if we get a switch over, if we have a new President, then we’re gonna have all this new things happening. It’s gonna affect the Real Estate market this way.” And then you’re hearing this other debate saying “We’ll if we get the same guy back in, he’ll be in his last term and he wont care, and then banks will be able to do what they want, yada yada yada.” The interesting thing really is, that whoever is President has very little to do with what really happens in Real Estate on a Local level. Real Estate is very very local. The other this to keep in mind is that the policy that these guys put in place, tend to be global policies. Meaning they cover large industries and very general things; and they also tend to sort of not take effect right away, meaning whatever thing they pass usually takes a while before it impacts; and you know, if you just look at the last 4 years, what’s happen to the real estate it’s been nuts, right? And so, it doesn’t really matter who is President. You know what matters is, that you sort of/if you’re letting that stop you or if you think that’s gonna help your whatever is really get that out of your head and go back to fundamentals. And your fundamentals need to be you know, “What’s the price of the house? What’s my investment goals?” Or, if you’re buying this house as an owner occupant, what is it that you/you, your time frame and what do you think that/is it a value to do that? Or should you rent? And really take that out of the equation. ‘Cause there’s a lot of people holding back and they say “Well, I’m gonna wait to see what happens with election before I decide to do sorting of investments ’cause I’ve heard all this things. And a lot of them are true and a lot are untrue; so, anyway, I just thought I would share that with you that not real doesn’t matter that much. If you’re waiting for that, you just/all you’re doing is missing out on potential rent payments you would be getting or missing out on an opportunity. So, that’s sort of my thought. Election doesn’t matter. Atleast I don’t believe it does. It really, it’s sort of independent so that’s a non-political view of what happens in Real Estate. So anyway, I thought I would share that with you. That’s my update and hope to see you on another video. Thanks.