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Episode #526 – Is an appraisal better than a real estate agent estimate?

So a common misperception is that an “appraisal” is some sort

Pilot and Me

Todd and Oana embark on a new adventure. Instead of solely

Are humans better than computers at valuing properties?

Todd and Oana discuss whether humans are better at computer than

Does the seller have to fix inspection items?

Todd and Oana explain whether or not the seller is required

How to tell if a real estate agent review is real or not.

Todd explains the tricks and tips to determine if a real

Does a real estate agent’s brokerage matter?

Oana and Todd talk about real estate agents and whether or

Why real estate agent reviews may not be what they seem.

Todd explains why real estate agent reviews can be misleading, false,

Why do a few agents seem to dominate a neighborhood?

Todd and Oana explain why in coms neighborhoods a few agents

Todd Miller TV new video format

Todd tries out a new video format to the show. Tweet

Todd’s 500th Video Blog post

Todd and Oana celebrate 500 video blogging episodes. Not all of

Buyer buys the WRONG house.

Todd and Oana share a story of a buyer that went