Buying vs. Renting in Las Vegas

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. It’s a first today for Todd Miller TV. It’s the first time I’m actually doing a video in a moving vehicle. And then it’s also the fist time I’m doing it with an iPad instead with a flip cam. So I’d show it to you but I can’t ’cause I’m actually I’m filming with it. So it doesn’t work that way. You don’t need to worry about safety because I’m not driving. Oana over there is driving. Say “Hi” to everybody. So I read an article that was talking about affordability. What it said was that Las Vegas was the most affordable place to live for buying versus renting meaning, if you bought a house, if you’re gonna live in Vegas it’s just made more sens to buy. They retail the cities, we we’re number one. And it’s pretty obvious. I mean, you can buy a Seventy or Eighty thousand dollar house which would rent for Eleven hundred or Two thousand bucks a month. And you can buy it and you’re payment’s like Six hundred maybe, something like that. So, it just totally makes sense. Well what was interesting in keeping mind that Las Vegas, the market tanked in 2007 and in 2009. It was/ that was with the market was tanking over those years. Since 2009 the bottom of the market hasn’t changed that much. Well what was really interesting is I read this article online and it was on a Social media site. So it had the people commenting and pretty much everybody had a negative scent to that. It was no/ prices are still gonna go down, and you know, casinos/no one’s going to casinos anymore, and just all negative sort of sentiment. But when you look at the numbers, they don’t match and when you look at the fact that prices haven.t gone down in two years, the bulk of the foreclosures are in the past. We’re not single level of foreclosures we saw few years ago. Even if we did, we have about a two months supply of homes so houses are getting grabbed quicker they can come out of the market. So, I just thought that was interesting. It made me think, How many of you out there that are investing? Or making a decision based on emotion and what you’ve read in the newspaper? You read that news, you just, scares you off? And then how many of you actually have looked at the numbers? So anyway, that was sort of what I wanted, I just, It caught me where/ ’cause I’m a numbers guy and my investor clients are all numbers people. All they want to know is how much is it gonna cost with my cab ring and thing like that. What can I flip for a stuff like that. But this was just really sort of a negative sentiment I think. You know, people tend to follow a lot of other people instead of lead and I think that’s what happened. They heard a negative news they just were repeating it. So anyway, that was the update for today. First for Todd MIller Tv being on the road using an iPad. Yeah we’ll see how it works and anyway, that was my update. Hope to see you on another video. Thanks.