Buying a house in Las Vegas – Episode #324

Todd’s tips for buying a house in Las Vegas

Todd gives tips for buying a house in Las Vegas.

Buying a house in Las Vegas – Tips

Hello. Welcome to Todd Miller TV. Today’s episode are tips for buying a house in Las Vegas. So most of you know it’s a complex market right now. There’s a lot of cash purchasers out there. There is very little inventory.

So let me give you three things that will help you in your process of buying a house in Las Vegas. OK. Number one is have a financial prequal. Meaning, either you already have a statement showing you have the cash to buy the house or something from the lender. Have that before you meet with the agent. If not, the agent – that’s the first thing the agent is going to make you do. It may take a day or two. Most lenders can get you one within about a half an hour. So, have a financial prequal.

The second thing is know exactly what you want. If you’re spending a lot of time driving around looking at houses, not sure about the area or not sure about what you need, is it condo, is it a house, do you need two-story or one-story. Know that because if not, what’s going to happen is your agent is going to get frustrated and not want to work with you anymore. Potentially, you become unreliable.

So, one of the things we do here is we sit down and we go through exactly what you want. We get very clear on that and we sit with you on the big screen and pull up the houses and we narrow it down. OK?

The third thing and the most important thing you can do is listen to your agent. When you’re buying a house in Las Vegas, you have to listen to your agent. It’s a complex market. So, the way you would make an offer on an REO versus a short sale versus your regular property and the way you would offer if you’re making an offer using and FHA loan versus a cash loan are different. So you have to listen to your agent. Trust the expert in the market. They can tell you all the information you need to make a good decision when buying a house in Las Vegas.

Any questions, you can call me, Todd Miller, 702-218-2819. Thanks for tuning in.