Another trashed foreclosure house

Another trashed foreclosure in Las VegasHey. Welcome to Todd Miller TV. It is Saturday morning and I’m out here in front of a house. It is a new bank assignment and it was pretty bad when we got it. I’m going to take a little tour now of what it looks like. So here is the house you can see the front of it, it is pretty clear but it was covered with this ivy stuff. The grass is all trashed. It is all being replaced so you can see the dead bushes are all going to be changed out.And all this new sod here is going in, new plant. This was growing all over the house, let’s go in and see how great it is.Male: The turn on lock box is still down there.Todd: Okay. There is some trash in the house.Male: Securing the personals.Todd: Okay.Male: There is a whole bunch in the garage.Todd: Yeah I saw that. So there is still personal property in the house, great. They left the microwave and the oven, looks pretty good. Let’s go see the backyard, yuck, that is nasty. That is pretty bad. Ah a bed, okay, well you know this was nice house at one time. It was a nice house, a launder room upstairs. Okay so you know something like this we are going to have to let it sit for 30 days post notices.Mail to the previous occupant and let them know their stuff is still here and then they have 30 days to retrieve it, if not then it gets donated basically. So but you can see how much work is involved with some of these houses exterior, interior just a ton of work. So anyway I just want to give you a little tour of what— and this is the first time I have been in a house, it just rekidded like a minute before I walk through the door so anyway that is my update for today and I hope to see you on the next update.Bye.