6 Months in Jail for what???

Hello welcome to Todd Miller TV. Hot update today. The city of Las Vegas recently proposed a new measure that would require registration of all vacant properties to $200 registration fee and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bank owned or not. So if you have a property and let’s say you’re gonna rent it but it’s vacant and/then you have to register it as being vacant. And it’s 200 bucks to have a vacant property. So it’s kinda painful. If you don’t then/ if you don’t go register it then you can be fined up to a thousand dollars and spend 6 months in jail. Obviously, this is gonna affect the bank owned homes because all the bank owned homes are all vacant, pretty much they are. So they’ll all have to be registered. And I think this sort of brings the question is, you know, what is the intent here? Like what are they trying to accomplish and I think, what they’re trying to accomplish is having the/know what houses are vacant. So they can patrol them to make sure they’re not vagorance in them, ’cause if they have a house and they go on their list and say “Hey this house is vacant”, but then they see people living in it and they ca is if they know it’s vacant and they know who he owner is ’cause you registered it, then if there’s a problem like the city enforcement drives by and the roof caved in then they can call you and “Hey this is what’s going on with here, you know, go fix it or if there’s graffiti or something like that” You know my gut feeling is, this is really gonna be hard to enforce this ’cause sometimes you don’t know if the house is vacant unless the person self-discloses it’s vacant, they’re not gonna, you know, they’re not gonna know. So, this is gonna be big/really big for the bank ’cause they’re all gonna figure out this process of registering vacant homes and everything. It just seems like the last year, every piece of legislation, deals with houses and you know, which is pretty clear, that things change quickly in Real Estate. So, I just wanna give you an update. Kind of breaking news. It’s just actually voted on it yesterday and passed it. It’s only the city of Las Vegas which means your address may say Las Vegas but if you go to the Las Vegas website. it’ll tell you if you’re on the county or if you’re in the city. You just have to type in the address. If you’re in Henderson, you’re in Henderson. If you’re in North Las Vegas, you’re in North Las Vegas. But if your address is Las Vegas you might be in Clark County. You may not be incorporated part of Las Vegas. That’s only for the incorporated part of Las Vegas. What’s likely to happen is the other Municipalities will copy this Because of “Oh, we’ll do it to and get the Money” So, Anyway, well see. I just thought I’d pass it along, and that’s my update today. Hope to see you on another video. Thanks!