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Episode #528 : Are real estate agents obsolete?

Are real estate agents obsolete? There is a mis-perception in the

Can the seller cancel if the buyer doesn’t close on time?

Todd and Oana discuss if the seller can cancel the contract

How to handle an escalation clause as a seller

Todd gives a strategy that a seller can use for an

Interview with HomeBuzz CEO Kristian Peter

Todd interviews HomeBuzz CEO Kristian Peter about his disruptive real estate

Three rules of a house flip

Todd explains what 3 things all house flippers must do. Tweet

Results of 1st Home Value Request

Todd goes over the 1st successful Home Value request that 4

The MYTH about the unfair advantage listing agents have.

Todd passionately explains why listing agents do NOT have an advantage

Why real estate agent reviews may not be what they seem.

Todd explains why real estate agent reviews can be misleading, false,

Todd Miller TV new video format

Todd tries out a new video format to the show. Tweet

What happens if you don’t pay your HOA fees.

Todd explains what happens if you don’t pay your HOA fees.

Why sellers overprice their house

Todd and Oana explain why sellers overprice their houses. Tweet